Brand New Video Unleashed Today!

Following the success of the bands brand new single ‘LET YOU GO’, Melbourne band ZOOPHYTE officially unleash the stunning new video for the single. Filmed on the Victorian coastline by Hayden Guppy and Miles Bence, the songs soaring vocal hooks, catchy melody and uplifting guitar dynamics is the first taster from the band’s forthcoming album SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE, due out mid-2012.

The video premiered exclusively on ToneDeaf on Friday April 13 and within 1 week is edging close to nearly 1000 views on the site. Within a hour of ToneDeaf posting the video it went viral, being picked up by media outlets and reposted nationally. The Vimeo link is showing in excess of 600 views and will premiere on the bands site today.

“For some reason, in our minds this particular song always had a strong visual connection with the ocean. I think the power and beauty of the open sea along with the idea of being washed ashore, finding your feet and a new beginning, works well with the lyrics and metaphorically supports what the song is all about. That said we also wanted to keep the video slightly tongue in cheek, which I think we’ve been able to capture. It was great to be able to have a bit of fun with it, even though there were a few hairy moments with some big surf!” – Zoophyte

You can check out the video here →

SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE is the highly anticipated follow-up to ZOOPHYTE’S 2007 debut ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW and with line-up changes and sonic restructurings fans can expect a very different band this time around.

“The old format of the band was a five-piece and we were all into different styles and types of music,” says frontman Cam Lee. “But now, everyone is one the same track and it feels like a new band. It’s a much bigger, larger sound; we use a lot of delayed guitars and everyone sings – there’s definitely a stronger, rockier edge to our sound.”

For fans who missed the bands sensational launch at the Prince Of Wales Bandroom on April 13, the band will be performing on MAY 5 at The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick, Melbourne. Stay tuned for further shows to be announced in the coming weeks.

Download this Press Release in PDF Format →

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