New Album Somewhere Elsewhere – Preview Stream

The count down has well and truly begun. It’s just a week until the release of ‘SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE’, our first album in nearly four years and we couldn’t be more excited.

In the lead up to its release on Friday October 19, we will streaming songs from the album RIGHT HERE… revealing a few tracks every couple of days, starting with the opening 3 songs: Let You Go, Something Here and Don’t Push It Away.

So keep you’re eye on this page over the next week, and be sure to leave some comments either below or on our Facebook page. ENJOY!

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Somewhere Elsewhere

Release Date: Friday 19 October 2012
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  1. Let You Go
  2. Something Here
  3. Don’t Push It Away
  4. Fit You
  5. Free The Light
  6. Early Mourning
  7. I Already Know
  8. The Flight
  9. Less of Me
  10. All We Need
  11. Crusaders
  12. Somewhere Elsewhere
  13. Quel Sera

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