Free The Light – Official Video Clip

Last Monday saw the release of our new film clip through the Triple M Melbourne website, and we were completely overwhelmed with the response. The song ‘FREE THE LIGHT’ is the third single to be released from the album SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE, and the clip involves setting Cam on fire, plenty of pyrotechnics and explosions… not to mention shooting it in one take and in reverse. Sounds pretty straight forward, yeah?

Well it wasn’t! A huge thanks must go out to Warwick, Robbie and James for burning shit (including Cam) but keeping it safe… to Luke from Blaso Pyrotechnics for all his help and pyro coordination, to James & Ingers for their photography and behind the scenes footage and to Alex, Mick and Shane for all their support and muscle.

But the biggest thanks must go to Miles Bence who brought the clip to life with his silky lens skills and made what was a real brain teaser of a concept, seem like a walk in the park. We’re pretty excited with the results. Let us know what you think by leaving some comments below.

Filmed by: Miles Bence
Produced by: Cam Lee, Andy Lee and Miles Bence
View Monday’s release through the Triple M website →

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