Let You Go Film Clip – Day Two

Behind the scenes photos and videos taken during DAY TWO of shooting the film clip for ‘Let You Go’. Today we began in the calmer waters of the bay, which was a welcomed relief… but it didn’t make things any warmer!

Requiring clearer more shallow waters to execute an underwater shot, we started the day on the front beach at Rye Pier. The main problem we faced during shooting on Day Two was the sun! While it provided some comfort from the cold wind and water, it wasn’t helping us when it came to marrying up the shots from the day before. Shame!

From the Pier, we headed back to the Rye Surf Beach for all of Cam’s individual scenes. Fighting some serious surf and a half decent rip, there was a point where we thought we might end up saying hello to Harold Holt, but we managed to get in safely with a grin. It wasn’t the easiest task, negotiating the surf fully clothed whilst carrying a guitar and singing in time, but we somehow managed to pull it off.

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Behind The Scenes Videos

There is one particular shot at the start of the video where Cam is singing under water, and to shoot this we needed the calmer waters of the bay, rather then the surf back beach. Rye Pier was the perfect spot for we could find the right depth and had easy access to equipment and playback from the pier.

Once we found the right depth, camera man Miles Bence (in his dry suit!) sat on the ocean floor weighed down by a weight belt, while Cam floated above him singing the lyrics underwater. Trying to sing naturally proved a little difficult, because of the shivering due to the cold water, but after a while we managed to nail it.

A highlight for the morning was Miles have a mini panic attack having spent a little too long after the water, coming up for air and loosing his shit momentarily. Had us in stitches!

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