Crusaders – Live At The East Brunswick Club

Here’s another LIVE video, plucked from the yesteryear! A song called Crusaders which has a cheeky little guest appearance from Andy Lee on trumpet and guitar. A founding member of ZOOPHYTE, Andy still plays a big part of the band, especially songwriting… and it’s always a pleasure to have his lanky limbs up on stage.

Crusaders is one of the moodier tracks off the album SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE. Imagine the Highlands of Scotland as armies march into battle during the 13th century War for Independence. Many trudged on towards certain death and some questioned the reason. The answer was honour. In the telling of this tale, a more modern truth is realised. We see people facing the certainty of failure everyday, yet they persist because they feel it’s their passage. Nobility lives on in a different way. ‘I guess if you think you can or you can’t, in the end you’re sure to be right’.

Check out the studio version of Crusaders at our FREE Preview Stream of the Album SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE, due for release on Friday October 19.

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Live Footage From The East Brunswick Club 2010

Filmed by: Miles Bence, Myles Kendall and Dan Hartley-Allen
Produced by: Miles Bence and Cam Lee

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