Let You Go Film Clip – Day One

Behind the scenes photos taken during the shooting of the film clip for our new single ‘Let You Go’. Shot at St Andrew’s Beach and at Rye Back Beach in Victoria, DAY ONE of filming had it all!

Big unpredictable surf and stormy weather made for a day full of surprises, but the results looked fantastic! Twice we were hit by freakish waves which almost took out both cameras, and rendered our playback system dead, but all in all the day went smoothly with plenty of laughs. Cold, tired, chafed and a little wind swept, we wrapped up the day around 8pm as the sun just dipped out of sight.

HUGE thanks to Miles Bence, Hayden Guppy and Andy Lee for all their time and effort in coordinating and organising the shoot. We can’t wait to see the final result!

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