Something Here – Live At The East Brunswick Club

With the release of SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE only a week away, and a sneak preview of the Album being streamed FREE here on the website, it was only fitting that we pull this live footage out of the archives.

‘Something Here’… track 2 on the Album, this song is about a friend who had turned to heroin, and one night called and asked for money to settle a deal. We knew he was lying… he just wanted money. One of the boys met up with him and talked at length about his situation. The realisation that everyone had now given up on him soon became evident. He insisted on another chance. ‘Look at me!, he said. There is Something Here… Something worth hanging onto.’ This became the inspiration for the song.

When it came to the recorded version, the track was given a welcomed boost when we stumbled across a documentary made in Melbourne about heroin addiction called ‘Fighting The Dragon With Luck’. There was a spoken piece to camera which fitted perfectly into the breakdown of the song, and after contacting the producers of the documentary and getting the all clear, we had ‘Something Here’ in its final resting place.

Live Footage From The East Brunswick Club 2010

Filmed by: Miles Bence, Myles Kendall and Dan Hartley-Allen
Produced by: Miles Bence and Cam Lee

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