Making the Free The Light Video

Yes it sounds a little satanic, but we assure you its not… or is it? The video below shows how we shot the film clip for our latest single ‘FREE THE LIGHT’, down on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Being filmed in one take and involving the coordination of fireworks, pyrotechnics and fire, there wasn’t much margin for error when it came to filming. In fact, we only had 4 chances to execute the video and lucky for us, the fourth one was the keeper.

Other challenges included learning the lyrics backwards, making sure everything went off at the right time and setting Cam’s arm on fire… not to mention the small window of twilight (40 minutes) we had to shoot in. But all in all, we think the final result turned out pretty good.

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Check out the Official ‘FREE THE LIGHT’ Video Clip here →

Filmed by: James Munro

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