New Single “Free The Light” Released Today

Melbourne rockers ZOOPHYTE are stoked to announce the release of their third single ‘FREE THE LIGHT’ taken from the band’s album SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE, released late last year through MGM Entertainment.

Blazing back into the spotlight with the release of singles ‘LET YOU GO’ and ‘EARLY MOURNING’ as well as their sophomore album SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE, last year quickly saw the band emerge as media darlings with wide support across the media landscape. Since kicking off in March 2012, the band shared stages with the likes of INXSEskimo JoeTex Perkins and Jebediah completing 60 odd shows around the county and a string of dates in Noumea, New Caledonia.

‘FREE THE LIGHT’ is the third instalment from SOMWHERE ELSEWHERE and is one of several songs written during a weekend writing session in a huge tin shed, in the Victorian country town of Alexandra.

“All the songs that came out of this session had a largeness about them, probably due to the wide open acoustics of the space we were in,” explains lead singer Cam Lee.

And ‘FREE THE LIGHT’ is no exception. The rolling fuzz bass line generates a great driving feel in the verses, and the punchy chorus vocals provide a catchy hook that will see the most timid of people bopping along. Lyrically the song explores the range of feelings experienced when a relationship first begins and how that attraction can be all consuming whether it is the right thing or not.

Reinforcing the strength of the new album SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE, late last year ZOOPHYTE joined the ranks of the extraordinary talent roster at Mushroom Music Publishing. This has seen their tunes featured regularly across some of the nation’s most established TV shows, including Home & Away and Neighbours.

With a killer live set, the band has generated support from fans and media alike, carving out their own niche in the Aussie rock landscape with their latest album.
‘FREE THE LIGHT’ and SOMEWHERE ESLEWHERE are available digitally through iTunes.

Purchase “Free The Light” from the iTunes store now →

“It’s fantastic to see an Aussie independent band work hard and put together such a quality album. Zoophyte have a bright future.” – Olivia Belvedere (Radar Digital Radio MD)

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