Free The Light Film Clip – Behind the Scenes

Last Tuesday we headed down the coast to FINALLY shoot the video for our new release ‘FREE THE LIGHT’. The shoot date had been pushed back from 2 weeks earlier, due to the extremely hot weather Melbourne is having.

The fact that the video involves a lot of fire and pyrotechnics, didn’t really sit hand in hand with the Total Fire Ban that had been issued across the state of Victoria, so we had no choice but to reschedule!

We were lucky enough to work along side some AWESOME crew including Warwick, Robbie and James who have worked as stunt men in Hollywood movies. They looked after and managed all the fire requirements for the clip. We also teamed up with Blaso Pyrotechnics and worked with Luke who looked after the CFA and council permits as well as the Pyro side of things. And lastly the cameramen, Miles Bence who is a master of the lens, and James Munro who shot the behind the scenes footage.

It was amazing to have a bunch of people come together and work so harmoniously. Especially given the complex nature of the shoot with it being shot and sung in reverse, whilst explosions and fireworks are going off.

So thanks to everyone involved. Can’t wait to start editing the clip!

View live footage from the making of FREE THE LIGHT →
Check out the Official ‘FREE THE LIGHT’ Video Clip here →

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